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Dual Channel NDIR CH4(Methane) sensor

Methane (CH4) gas is one of the important energy sources in the home and industry, but it has a risk of warming and potential explosion of the earth, which requires severe management.

TES0702 is an ultra -compact NDIR sensor module equipped with a digital interface for CH4 (methane) measurement. In particular, it can be used for the concentration measurement of CH4 (methane) and gas leakage detection in power plants, LNG bases, mines, tunnels, gas stations, and houses that require accuracy in low concentration environments.

TES0702 provides high accuracy and stability at a reasonable price, and a pre-calibrated module, which can measure the CH4 (methane) concentration up to 2,000 ppm. (Other maximum concentrations are provided at request.)


Ultra-Small Size

- Low Power

- High Accuracy and Excellent stability

- Absolute measurement with Dual-channel NDIR sensor

- Pre-calibrated and ready-to-use

- Digital interface using RS-232 and PWM

- Digital output for CH4 level warning. (ex: Warning When >1,500ppm)

- ABC feature support

- Manual Calibration support (@0ppm, 25)


- Industrial safety

- Safety in mining business
- Control system of global warming