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Tempy.air (TMS-2101)
Non-contact Medical Device for Automatic Body Temperature Measurement

Korean non-contact automatic facial recognition thermometer' 

with calibrated sensor developed by Tempus(TAS1919M)

Medical Device product approved by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

MFDS / GMP / ISO13485 / CE / FDA / FCC / KC Certified


1. Margin of measurement error : ± 0.3 ℃ (± 0.5 ℉)

2. Quick & accurate temperature measurement even at long distances within 50cm (20in)

3. Access control function Facial recognition that identifies if a mask is being worn automatic warning in case of abnormal body temperature

4. Built-in temperature sensor (7 million units sold in the 1H of last year), the pinnacle of exceptional technology produced by Tempus

* Essential equipment _ Essential quarantine equipment during COVID-19 pandemic

* Easy installation _ Compact size & modern design that can be installed anywhere, attachable tripods

* Accurate measurement _ Accurate measurement, even with changes in external temperature & humidity

* Reasonable price _ Reduce manufacturing costs by having original technology for distribution throughout the world

- This tripod is a gift, and not included with medical device