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Dual channel NDIR high concentration CO2 sensor (100,000ppm~300,000ppm)

The TES0940 is a dual-channel optical (NDIR) high-concentration CO2 gas sensor that can measure the CO2 concentration from 100,000 ppm to 300,000 ppm.

TES0940 is a product that can be applied to agricultural products cold storage (CA), cold-chain system, food transportation, and mining industries that require high-concentration CO2 measurement. By monitoring the CO2 concentration, it makes the work environment safer for workers and helps to maintain the freshness of food to its destination.


- Small Size : 30.0mm(W) x 15.3mm (L) x 7.9mm (H)

- Measurement Range: 10%(100,000ppm) ~ 30%(300,000ppm)

- Low Power

- High Accuracy and Excellent stability

- Absolute measurement with Dual-channel NDIR sensor

- Pre-calibrated and ready-to-use

- Digital interface using RS232

※ The above is subject to change without notice for quality improvement.


- CA Storage (Controlled Atmosphere Storage)

- Cold-Chain System

- Mining Industry