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Dual channel NDIR CO2 sensor (*Optional 0~5,000ppm)

스마트 팜을 운영하기 위해서 온도와 이산화탄소(CO2) 조절이 매우 중요합니다. 특히, 이산화탄소(CO2)는 식물의 광합성 과정에서 필수적입니다.

이산화탄소(CO2) 농도를 어떻게 조절하는지에 따라 작물의 생육촉진, 수확시기, 품질향상이 달라집니다. 이때 이산화탄소(CO2)센서가 장착된 기기를 통해서 이산화탄소(CO2)농도 수치를 확인하고 조절할 수 있습니다.


- Ultra-Small Size: 30.0mm (W) x 15.3mm (L) x 8.4mm (H)

- Measurement Range: *Optional 0 ~ 5,000ppm

- Low Power

- High Accuracy and Excellent stability

- Absolute measurement with Dual-channel NDIR sensor

- Pre-calibrated and ready-to-use

- Digital interface using RS232 and PWM

- Digital output for CO2 level warning. (ex: Warning > 2,000ppm)

- ABC feature support

- Manual Calibration support (@400ppm, 25℃)

*(1) Optional spec. Standard measurement range is from 400ppm to 5,000ppm

*(2) The stated accuracy is for 400~5,000ppm. When Auto Background Calibration is in operation, exposure to an artificial low

concentration environment (ex. below 400ppm) may affect the sensor accuracy.

※ The above is subject to change without notice for quality improvement.


- HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning, Refrigeration)

- Air conditioner

- Environment management system

- Indoor air quality (IAQ) control

- Automatic air ventilation system

- Smart farm