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See the Unseen

Tempus Inc. is an infrared sensor manufacturing company that has its own MEMS fab.
Through the differential optical sensor technology based on compounds, we are realizing the area of Internet of Things.

Tempus members are expanding their sensor technology and marketing experience accumulated
from Y2002 to make it easier for customers to have a more convenient, safe and happy experience.

SWIR, MIR, FIR Infrared sensor!
There is Tempus right where you need.

What future is Tempus looking at?

Open Collaboration based on Core Technology

Based on core technology of “Micro-thermopile”, Tempus is building a cooperation system with related
technology companies and institutions. We are re-interpreting “Tempus Technology” in the view
of “Customer Needs”and strengthening our cooperation system to achieve results with limited resources
at any given time. In particular, we are making sustainable growth through patents and strategic cooperation.

Accumulation of little successes

Tempus engineers have accumulated experience in optical sensors over 20 years.
The new challenge is always difficult, but we believe we can make a big difference through
the accumulation of small successes and failures. We will endeavor to become a success model
of the sensor device industry in Korea by ending each one of our goals.